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The seat of the Prussian Kings and Kaisers Potsdam is generally regarded as the jewel in the crown of both the Prussian Empire and the German Empire. A town heavily damaged during the second world war but today is a thriving historic centre which is graced by its unique dutch quarter and its magnificent palaces and their gardens.Join us... Read more & Booking

Markets of Berlin

Berlin isn’t all historic buildings and tails of daredevil cold war escapes, it also has one of the most unique experiences available in Europe. On Sundays when the shops are shut and the previous night's booze is wearing off join us as we take you on an exploration of Berlin’s markets. rnBuilt around train stations, squares... Read more & Booking

West Berlin Tour

Berlin in the 1920s was the place to be. Artisans, poets and musicians surrounded themselves in a growing middle class that liked to party. Today the musical halls, theaters and decadence may have gone but the stories live on. Join us as we explore West Berlin, the life, the culture and the chaos of the 1920s, through the destruction of... Read more & Booking

The Ultimate Movie Tour

Berlin is host to the world’s oldest film studios and the legacy of almost a century of ground breaking cinematics can still be felt through the city today. Since the fall of the wall Berlin has opened up as one of the major locations for shooting for both independent as well as major Hollywood movies.On this tour you... Read more & Booking